Rising Hope Academy

Ring Hope Generic


Objective and Purpose

Opportunity to provide a deeper level of support to students with mental health needs. Rising Hope Academy will serve up to eight students in each therapeutic classroom.



  • Students enrolled in 1st-5th grade, with exceptions made in rare circumstances
  • Student must have an active IEP and Behavior Intervention Plan
  • Referral Form must be completed to be considered as a candidate for this program
  • Referring district and parent(s)/guardian(s) must participate in the screening process


Shared goals between the resident home district and Rising Hope Academy will be designed to help students:

  • Understand their mental health diagnosis
  • Gain coping skills to assist with social, emotional, and educational outcomes
  • Reduce the intensity and/or frequency of behaviors
  • Continue progressing on academic standards
  • Work towards a successful transition back into the least restrictive environment in a student’s home school

Examples of interventions include but will not be limited to:

  • Conscious Discipline Approach
  • Research-based mindfulness
  • Social skills groups and instruction
  • Daily student self-assessment and feedback
  • Modifications and accommodations to Iowa Core as indicated in student's IEP
  • Access to the Master Social Worker (MSW) program for individual and/or group therapy while at RHA in addition to their outside therapy
  • Communication and progress will be shared weekly between Rising Hope Academy, the student’s home district, and guardians