Digital Learning Team

Digital Learning: College & Career Readiness

The GHAEA Digital Learning Team is dedicated to empowering all learners to be Future Ready through innovative and transformative practice.

Focus Areas:

Future Ready Iowa

Through collaboration with Local Education Agency (LEAs) and in partnership with students, families, businesses, community agencies, and the Iowa Department of Education, Green Hills Area Education Agency (GHAEA) will ensure every student graduates from high school “Future Ready.”
 Let our team join you in planning and preparing your students for college & career success. 
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Iowa Authentic Learning Network

Students helping to solve authentic problems and assisting in projects with business partners locally and statewide. Our network is growing. This opportunity can be at the classroom level or a stand-alone program. Many districts have worked with the IowaALN network to enhance an existing program.

How does IowaALN help students become Future Ready?

  • Provides authentic learning experiences that engage students in 21C Learning including collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking across multiple disciplines of learning.
  • Engages students in learning through working on authentic projects with a wide variety of potential partnerships.
  • Connects students to experts in various fields of different career pathways.
  • Allows students to network with community and business partners to gain a better understanding of community and business operations.
  • Builds resiliency within our local communities.

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Personalized Professional Learning

Through the use of technology and digital learning, our team focuses on creating hands-on, high-quality professional learning opportunities that combine authentic learning with best practice. It is our belief this shift leads to student success. Our focus is not “sit and get” – we immerse our learners in the experience, all while tailoring to your district’s vision.

Computer Science

The Iowa General Assembly suggests by July 1, 2019, each accredited high school offer at least one high-quality computer science course, each accredited middle school offer instruction in exploratory computer science, and each accredited elementary school offer instruction in the basics of computer science. Our team would be happy to help with resources to support those suggestions.

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Assistive Technology

Designed to support local IEP and IFSP teams as they provide assistive technology services and devices to individuals from birth to 21 years of age. The Regional Assistive Technology Specialists serve as a resource to these local teams as they work to integrate assistive technology into the student or child’s life, in a climate of collaboration, creativity, shared leadership, and mutual respect.
The Assistive Technology Specialists also provide collaboration on assessments of individuals with disabilities as they relate to assistive technology needs, including a functional evaluation of the individual in the classroom environment. The AT Specialists also provide information on the purchasing, leasing or obtaining of assistive devices for individuals with disabilities.
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Iowa’s Digital Learning Plan

Iowa’s Digital Learning Plan is a collaborative effort between the Iowa Department of Education (Department), Iowa’s Area Education Agencies (AEAs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs), the American Institute for Research (AIR) and many stakeholders.“The goal of the Digital Learning Plan is to provide a vision for what digital learning could look like in Iowa. The hope is to bridge the gap that exists between islands of excellence around the state.” To learn more visit Iowa’s Digital Learning Plan.