Teacher with kids in social studies class looking at globe

Social Studies

Social Studies services include support for the development and implementation of high-quality instructional practices that align with social studies standards, including professional learning and coaching.

In May 2017, the Iowa State Board of Education adopted revised standards for social studies. There was a four-year implementation time period, giving teachers an opportunity to engage in learning to fully implement the intent of these standards. Click here to see the Social Studies Standards as well as resources for instruction, assessment, and professional learning. Below are resources to better understand the expectations in the Iowa Core Social Studies Standards.

Social Studies Resources

These general resources could be helpful for elementary or secondary educators in the following ways:

  • Plan for curriculum revisions
  • Plan for implementation of inquiry
  • Primary source sets and inquiry toolkits for use with instruction
  • Media Resources for Instruction
Social Studies Training Opportunities

To find professional learning opportunities related to social studies, please check the professional learning catalog. More professional learning opportunities can be found by searching for "social studies" here.