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2024 Earth Day Poster Winners

🌍 Congratulations to this year's Earth Day poster winners!


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  • 2022-2023 Annual Progress Report

  • 2024 Earth Day Poster Contest Winners

  • The Vital Role of AEAs in Mental Health Support

How we help educators, students & families

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    Accelerate Learning & Development

    Iowa’s AEAs provide educational equity for all Iowa children.

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    Inspire Educators

    Iowa’s AEAs provide professional tools and learning experiences.

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    Innovate with Schools

    Iowa’s AEAs provide program and infrastructure supports.

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    Partner with Community Organizations

    Iowa’s AEAs provide expertise to groups so that children can be evaluated by specialists.

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“I found a new love of learning when I became a STEM teacher.”

— Trulla Pullen, 2024 STEM Teacher Award Recipient
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🌟 It's National Speech-Language-Hearing Month! 🌟

Let's celebrate the amazing work of SLPs, SLPAs, facilitators, audiologists, audiometrists, and other GHAEA staff who help us communicate, connect, and thrive. Their impact is truly transformative for students all across our area!

💬👂❤️ A
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Way to go, Jordan! 💚💙🧡Jordan Jacobsen is part of the track team at Kirn Middle School, Green Hills AEA! Becky Marth, Jordan's teacher of the visually impaired, set up a meeting with the track coach when Jordan told her he was interested in track. Jordan read about the track event shot put and Jordan and Becky explored it together. Jordan held it to feel the weight and familiarize himself with it. Orientation and Mobility Specialist Kaylyn Wright provided the coach with a guide rope and a sound source so he knew where to throw. It was a portable sound source device from American Printing House for the Blind. Way to go, Jordan! Image: Jordan stands in front of a red and blue brick wall with a blue jersey on that says Kirn Track & Field. ... See MoreSee Less

Way to go, Jordan! 💚💙🧡

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She's more than just a speech therapist, she has given our child a voice.