The purpose of the Hearing Department is to provide quality audiological and educational support services to students, families, and schools in Green Hills AEA. The department provides audiology services for infants, preschoolers, and school-age children. Itinerant teaching services are available for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.


Work with the deaf/hard of hearing population ages birth through 21 years, their families, and teams serving these students. Audiologists gather hearing information and data about a child’s/student’s access to verbal instruction. They help determine accommodations, modifications, and hearing assistive technology that may be needed in order to make the home or school accessible and coach the adults working with the students on how to implement these supports. Audiologists also advocate for students/children with hearing loss and help teach them to advocate for themselves.  They are also responsible for the hearing screening programs within local school districts.


Help provide hearing screenings to children under the supervision of a licensed audiologist. 

Teachers of the Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing (TDHHs):

Instruct and support students who are deaf or hard of hearing between the ages of birth to 21 years old in their chosen mode of communication. TDHHs provide in-service, training and/or consultation to teams and families. They assist in determining appropriate modifications and accommodations in order to make the home or school accessible to the student. TDHHs also provide insights into assessments and interventions based on their knowledge of how hearing loss impacts development and learning. TDHHs assess the full range of communication and language levels, in addition to assessing the needs within the Expanded Core Curriculum for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


To schedule hearing testing in a GHAEA sound booth, call (712) 366-0503. 
Let the receptionist know the specific school district area in which you live, and your call will be routed to the assigned scheduler for that district.
GHAEA Council Bluffs Area Booth
3501 Harry Langdon Blvd., Council Bluffs, IA 51503
GHAEA Red Oak Area Booth
212 East Coolbaugh St. Red Oak, IA 51566
GHAEA Avoca Area Booth
919 N. Chestnut St. Avoca, IA 51521
GHAEA Creston Area Booth
257 Swan St. Creston, IA 50801


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