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Talented & Gifted (TAG)

Professional learning and networking opportunities are offered for teachers and coordinators of talented and gifted programs.

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Informational Resources

Reading & Language Arts Resources

  • Writing Resources: NaNoWriMo for KIDS and adults! The site provides a free 86 page pre-writing/outlining guide for elementary, middle, and high school writers and inexpensive extras for teachers, like progress charts, buttons, stickers, etc.
  • Schoolwide Enrichment Model - Reading - an enrichment-based reading program that seeks to increase reading achievement for all students while also addressing the pressing needs of talented readers.

Free Online Libraries

Elementary eBook Libraries:

General & Secondary eBook Libraries

  • Making of America - created by Cornell University Library, primary sources in American social history (antebellum through Reconstruction periods), journal site of 22 magazines from the 1830s to 1900s
  • Manybooks - 600+ titles in a variety of formats

Math & STEM Resources

Social Studies Resources

Podcast Resources:

Additional Social Studies Resources

  • EconSources - a great aid to students conducting economic research - links to documents in statistics, international organizations, economic education, government publications, global data and resources, federal agencies, and country profiles
  • The National Archives
  • DocsTeach - Lets teachers explore thousands of documents in a variety of media from the National Archives holdings. It also includes online tools to help teachers combine these materials and create engaging history activities that students can access over the internet.
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Purposeful, well-written educator resources and lesson plans are available.

Science & STEM Resources

  • GHAEA Science Page
  • Neuroscience Site: site for children wanting to know more about any neuroscience - includes an email list, games, articles, links, activities, puzzles.
  • Steve Spangler Science - lots of experiments
  • This site is full of recent research and can stimulate students to ask more questions and find a topic of interest to look into further. Creative students can use future wheels to predict the impact of new discoveries or research on society.
  • WISE is a simple yet powerful learning environment where students examine real-world evidence and analyze current scientific controversies. The curriculum projects are designed to meet standards and complement your current science curriculum and your grade 5-12 students will find them exciting and engaging. I believe a subscription is necessary, but it seems some components are free.
  • Iowa Online Advanced Placement Academy - a grant-supported initiative to offer AP online and AP ICN classes throughout Iowa. Grant $$ is available to pay for online courses, ICN courses, mentors for students, teacher training in AP classes (no Master's degree required), and more. A school simply registers to be eligible for the services.

Student Competitions