Standards for Service

As an intermediate agency, Green Hills AEA offers services and programs that can be provided most equitably, efficiently, and economically on a regional or cooperative basis among school districts. Nine service areas are defined by state AEA accreditation standards, and all programs and services provided by Green Hills AEA fall under one or more of these standards:

School-Community Planning

School-community planning calls for AEAs to assist schools in determining student needs, developing collaborative community relationships, establishing shared direction, implementing actions to meet goals, and reporting progress toward goals.

Professional Development

AEAs anticipate and respond to school and AEA staff needs for professional development. Programs and services support proven educational practices; align with school goals; incorporate adult learning theory; and support improved teaching.

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment services for schools address, at a minimum, reading, language arts, mathematics, and science. They include support in establishing standards, collecting and analyzing student achievement and learning climate data, and using this information to improve student learning.

Diverse Learning Needs

AEAs meet diverse learning needs through support services for students with disabilities who require special education, as well as those who are gifted and talented. Services comply with Iowa rules for special education.

Multicultural, Gender-Fair

AEAs provide services that support multicultural, gender-fair practices in school programs. Services assist schools to take actions that ensure all students are free from discrimination; to incorporate instructional strategies and student activities related to responsibilities, rights and respect for diversity; and to provide professional development to prepare school employees to work with diverse learners.

Media Services

Media services support instruction and school needs. They include consultation, research and information services, instructional resources, and production of materials to meet student learning needs. AEAs also support local school media services.

School Technology

School technology services provide schools with technology planning, technical assistance, and professional development. Services also support technologies to improve student achievement.


AEAs provide leadership services that are based on the Iowa Standards for School Administrators and school needs. Services assist with recruitment, induction, retention, and professional development of educational leaders.

Management Services

AEAs provide schools with management services if requested. These services may be provided on a “fee-for-service” basis and may be provided under cooperative agreements between AEAs.