Serve, Support, Advocate- The Green Hills AEA Mission

Since 1974, Iowa’s AEAs have been equitably serving all children and educators across the state. While we are best known for our special education services, our mission has always been to support the whole child through our thoughtfully interwoven special education, media, and educational services. To separate these services from one another, would create inadequate support for students and educators.


The Governor’s proposal to reform Iowa’s AEAs has raised great concern from our local school administrators, teachers, and parents. While many, many unique and personal stories have been shared detailing these concerns, each illustrates the critically important services that students, families, and educators rely on every day. Every district and every child supported by Green Hills AEA has access to interconnected services designed to support their specific needs.


We have a responsibility to those we serve to press forward in advocating for a system that retains the services that children, educators, and families deserve. We aren’t there yet, and there are still many aspects of what was shared in the Governor’s press release that are concerning, and we haven’t yet seen a proposed plan that would improve upon our current system in place.

Iowa AEAs have always welcomed improvements, and respond to the evolving needs of our families and school districts. We continue to be open to conversation that leads us to better outcomes for all Iowans, and encourage everyone to engage with policymakers to learn more about how a new system will provide improved solutions for our children and our schools.