Address: 2754 Knox Road

Phone: 712-374-2141

Fax: 712-374-2013

Superintendent: Tim Hood

Superintendent’s Email Website Link
  • Sidney Elementary

    Address: 1002 Illinois St., Box 609

    Phone: 712-374-2647

    Fax: 712-374-2648

    Principal: Shannon Wehling

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Sidney Elementary

    Van Route: 4

  • Sidney Jr/Sr High

    Address: 2754 Knox Rd., Box 609

    Phone: 712-374-2141

    Fax: 712-374-2013

    Principal: Kim Payne

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number:

    Van Route: 4

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Casey Abler's photo

Casey Abler

Speech-Language Pathology Asst I

712-366-0503 ext. 3314 Email Casey Abler
Kari Bloom's photo

Kari Bloom

Early ACCESS Service Coordinator

712-366-0503 ext. 3607 Email Kari Bloom
Stacy Buresh's photo

Stacy Buresh

Early ACCESS Speech-Language Pathologist

712-366-0503 ext. 5400 Email Stacy Buresh
Alyssa Chambers's photo

Alyssa Chambers

Consultant, Math

712-366-0503 ext. 7242 Email Alyssa Chambers
Tara Christiansen's photo

Tara Christiansen

School Psychologist

712-366-0503 ext. 3340 Email Tara Christiansen
Mollie Frazier's photo

Mollie Frazier

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

712-366-0503 ext. 7509 Email Mollie Frazier
Diamond Gulick's photo

Diamond Gulick

Consultant, School Improvement

712-366-0503 ext. 5203 Email Diamond Gulick


Allison Jensen

School Based Interventionist

712-366-0503 ext. 7241 Email Allison Jensen
Jennifer Johnson's photo

Jennifer Johnson

Consultant, Literacy

712-366-0503 ext. 7301 Email Jennifer Johnson
Mary Beth Korver's photo

Mary Beth Korver

Physical Therapist

712-366-0503 ext. 3315 Email Mary Beth Korver
Ami Leath's photo

Ami Leath

Consultant, Early Childhood

712-366-0503 ext. 3329 Email Ami Leath
Nancy Lindgren's photo

Nancy Lindgren

School Psychologist/Transition Team

712-366-0503 ext. 3613 Email Nancy Lindgren
Tracey Lorang's photo

Tracey Lorang

Speech-Language Pathologist Teletherapy

712-366-0503 ext. 7303 Email Tracey Lorang
Heather Lundquist's photo

Heather Lundquist

Digital Learning Consultant

712-366-0503 ext. 3617 Email Heather Lundquist
Regina Mieska's photo

Regina Mieska

Educational Audiologist

712-366-0503 ext. 5208 Email Regina Mieska
Jessica O’Dell's photo

Jessica O’Dell

Early ACCESS Speech-Language Pathologist

712-366-0503 ext. 6414 Email Jessica O’Dell
Kelsey Owens's photo

Kelsey Owens

Occupational Therapist

712-366-0503 ext. 3318 Email Kelsey Owens
Melanie Sifford's photo

Melanie Sifford


712-366-0503 ext. 3602 Email Melanie Sifford
Jeremy Stukenholtz's photo

Jeremy Stukenholtz

Field Director

712-366-0503 ext. 3603 Email Jeremy Stukenholtz
Christine Watkins's photo

Christine Watkins

Early ACCESS Early Childhood Specialist

712-366-0503 ext. 3638 Email Christine Watkins
Mary Wilson's photo

Mary Wilson

Speech Teletherapy Facilitator

712-366-0503 ext. 7312 Email Mary Wilson
Margaret Woodruff's photo

Margaret Woodruff

Early ACCESS Early Childhood Specialist

712-366-0503 ext. 3326 Email Margaret Woodruff