Address: 202 North Walnut

Phone: 641-784-3351

Fax: 641-784-6548

Superintendent: Chris Coffelt

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  • Lamoni

    Address: 202 N. Walnut St.

    Phone: 641-784-3351

    Fax: 641-784-6548

    Principal: Alan Dykens

    Principal’s Email Website Link

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    Van Route: 6

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Kimberly Adams's photo

Kimberly Adams

Digital Learning Consultant

712-366-0503 ext. 3708 Email Kimberly Adams
Jennifer Adams-Potter's photo

Jennifer Adams-Potter

Speech-Language Pathologist

712-366-0503 ext. 3732 Email Jennifer Adams-Potter
Christine Auxier's photo

Christine Auxier

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

712-366-0503 ext. 7345 Email Christine Auxier
Eunice Bohanan's photo

Eunice Bohanan

Early ACCESS Service Coordinator

712-366-0503 ext. 3267 Email Eunice Bohanan
Amy Clark's photo

Amy Clark

Early ACCESS Early Childhood Specialist

712-366-0503 ext. 3273 Email Amy Clark
Shawna Fletcher's photo

Shawna Fletcher


712-366-0503 ext. 3221 Email Shawna Fletcher
Lori Helgevold's photo

Lori Helgevold

Consultant, Special Education

712-366-0503 ext. 3719 Email Lori Helgevold
Michelle Hicks's photo

Michelle Hicks

Early ACCESS Speech-Language Pathologist

712-366-0503 ext. 3245 Email Michelle Hicks
Laura Horton's photo

Laura Horton

Consultant, Special Education

712-366-0503 ext. 3704 Email Laura Horton
Emily Lampe's photo

Emily Lampe

Consultant, Literacy

712-366-0503 ext. 3725 Email Emily Lampe
Cheryl Laughlin's photo

Cheryl Laughlin

Consultant, School Improvement

712-366-0503 ext. 6215 Email Cheryl Laughlin
Kerry Newman's photo

Kerry Newman

Field Director

712-366-0503 ext. 3701 Email Kerry Newman
Tera Schechinger's photo

Tera Schechinger

Consultant, Math

712-366-0503 ext. 7328 Email Tera Schechinger
Naomi Sharp's photo

Naomi Sharp

Consultant, Early Childhood

712-366-0503 ext. 3271 Email Naomi Sharp
Sandra Sickels's photo

Sandra Sickels

Mental Health School Social Worker

712-366-0503 ext. 3261 Email Sandra Sickels
Melanie Van Dyke's photo

Melanie Van Dyke

Early ACCESS Early Childhood Specialist

712-366-0503 ext. 3716 Email Melanie Van Dyke
Donal Welch's photo

Donal Welch

Educational Audiologist

712-366-0503 ext. 3281 Email Donal Welch
Kathryn Wells's photo

Kathryn Wells

Physical Therapist

712-366-0503 ext. 3645 Email Kathryn Wells