Iowa School for the Deaf

Address: 3501 Harry Langdon Blvd.

Phone: 712-366-0571

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Jennifer Bakkerud's photo

Jennifer Bakkerud

Educational Audiologist

712-366-0503 ext. 7500 Email Jennifer Bakkerud
Lauren Bennewitz's photo

Lauren Bennewitz

School Psychologist/Autism Core Team

712-366-0503 ext. 7330 Email Lauren Bennewitz


Rebecca Colagreco

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

712-366-0503 Email Rebecca Colagreco
Ann Gigstad's photo

Ann Gigstad

Consultant, Special Education

712-366-0503 ext. 3604 Email Ann Gigstad
Judy Griffin's photo

Judy Griffin

Digital Learning Consultant

712-366-0503 ext. 5210 Email Judy Griffin
Kristen Johnson's photo

Kristen Johnson

Consultant, Math

712-366-0503 ext. 6415 Email Kristen Johnson
Jennifer Johnson's photo

Jennifer Johnson

Consultant, Literacy

712-366-0503 ext. 7301 Email Jennifer Johnson
Nancy Lindgren's photo

Nancy Lindgren

School Psychologist/Transition Team

712-366-0503 ext. 3613 Email Nancy Lindgren
Haley Smyser's photo

Haley Smyser


712-366-0503 ext. 7505 Email Haley Smyser
Karen Spahn's photo

Karen Spahn

Consultant, Early Childhood

712-366-0503 ext. 3328 Email Karen Spahn
Joe Woracek's photo

Joe Woracek

Director of Specialized Services and Supports

712-366-0503 ext. 5201 Email Joe Woracek
Kaylyn Wright's photo

Kaylyn Wright

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

712-366-0503 ext. 7507 Email Kaylyn Wright