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Melanie Andersen's photo

Melanie Andersen

Consultant, Literacy

712-366-0503 ext. 3102 Email Melanie Andersen
Chad Bartlett's photo

Chad Bartlett

Director of Organizational Strategy, Improvement and Equity

712-366-0503 ext. 7210 Email Chad Bartlett
Katie Berg's photo

Katie Berg

Instructional Materials Assistant II

712-366-0503 ext. 7284 Email Katie Berg
Michelle Catterson's photo

Michelle Catterson

Professional Development Coordinator

712-366-0503 ext. 7205 Email Michelle Catterson
Brielle Cerven's photo

Brielle Cerven

Consultant, English Learner

712-366-0503 ext. 5219 Email Brielle Cerven
Michelle Custer's photo

Michelle Custer

Consultant, Special Education

712-366-0503 ext. 5202 Email Michelle Custer
Sarah Donham's photo

Sarah Donham

Communications Specialist

712-366-0503 ext. 7250 Email Sarah Donham
Stephanie Dredge's photo

Stephanie Dredge

Senior Director Specialized Services and Supports

712-366-0503 ext. 5206 Email Stephanie Dredge
Gina Durfee's photo

Gina Durfee

Rising Hope Academy Supervisor/Social Emotional Learning Consultant

712-366-0503 ext. 7214 Email Gina Durfee
Murray Fenn's photo

Murray Fenn

Consultant, Career and Technical

712-366-0503 ext. 7233 Email Murray Fenn
David Fringer's photo

David Fringer

Executive Director of Technology, Media, Digital Learning & Operations

712-366-0503 ext. 7206 Email David Fringer
Ivan Gentry's photo

Ivan Gentry

Executive Director of Specialized Services and Supports

712-366-0503 ext. 7231 Email Ivan Gentry
Kelly Gerhardt's photo

Kelly Gerhardt

Instructional Materials Assistant II

712-366-0503 ext. 7227 Email Kelly Gerhardt
Valerie Giegerich's photo

Valerie Giegerich

Consultant, Special Education/Social Emotional Learning

712-366-0503 ext. 4313 Email Valerie Giegerich
Angela Goings's photo

Angela Goings

Consultant, Special Education

712-366-0503 ext. 5218 Email Angela Goings
Kathy Hanafan's photo

Kathy Hanafan

Community Resource Supervisor

712-366-0503 ext. 7311 Email Kathy Hanafan
Angie Hance's photo

Angie Hance

Executive Director of Targeted Services and Supports

712-366-0503 ext. 3250 Email Angie Hance
Michele Harrison's photo

Michele Harrison

Supervisor of Occupational Therapy Services

712-366-0503 ext. 6257 Email Michele Harrison
Lois Hartje's photo

Lois Hartje

Instructional Materials Assistant I

712-366-0503 ext. 7218 Email Lois Hartje
Lolli Haws's photo

Lolli Haws

Chief Administrator

712-366-0503 ext. 7201 Email Lolli Haws
Debbie Hayes's photo

Debbie Hayes

Executive Administrative Assistant

712-366-0503 ext. 3204 Email Debbie Hayes


James Henderson

Van Driver

712-366-0503 ext. 7218 Email James Henderson
Devin Herrick's photo

Devin Herrick

Supervisor of Communications

712-366-0503 ext. 6203 Email Devin Herrick


Fred Hildebrandt

Van Driver

712-366-0503 Email Fred Hildebrandt
Amy Hoffman's photo

Amy Hoffman

Consultant, Special Education

712-366-0503 ext. 3752 Email Amy Hoffman
Julia Hood's photo

Julia Hood

Supervisor of Media Support Services

712-366-0503 ext. 7218 Email Julia Hood
Jenna Hucka's photo

Jenna Hucka

Consultant, Literacy

712-366-0503 ext. 5211 Email Jenna Hucka
Sherry Huffman's photo

Sherry Huffman

Consultant, Assessment

712-366-0503 ext. 3332 Email Sherry Huffman
Janice Hughes's photo

Janice Hughes

Speech-Language Pathology Asst I

712-366-0503 ext. 3247 Email Janice Hughes
Sabrina Johnson's photo

Sabrina Johnson

Human Resources Manager

712-366-0503 ext. 7208 Email Sabrina Johnson
Kelsie Kralik's photo

Kelsie Kralik

Consultant, Literacy

712-366-0503 ext. 4312 Email Kelsie Kralik
Lexy Larsen's photo

Lexy Larsen

Staff Accountant

712-366-0503 ext. 7215 Email Lexy Larsen
Sondy Laughlin's photo

Sondy Laughlin

Support Services Secretary II

712-366-0503 ext. 6244 Email Sondy Laughlin
Amy Liddell's photo

Amy Liddell

Family and Educator Partnership Coordinator

712-366-0503 ext. 3608 Email Amy Liddell
Michelle Lidgett's photo

Michelle Lidgett

Licensure Assistant/Registrar

712-366-0503 ext. 7222 Email Michelle Lidgett
Darek Madejski's photo

Darek Madejski

Supervisor of Instructional Technology

712-366-0503 ext. 7207 Email Darek Madejski
Carol McMahon-Kain's photo

Carol McMahon-Kain

Speech-Language Pathologist

712-366-0503 ext. 6209 Email Carol McMahon-Kain
Steve McPhillips's photo

Steve McPhillips

SBI/Program Supervisor

712-366-0503 ext. 7277 Email Steve McPhillips
Nicolas Mendoza's photo

Nicolas Mendoza

Van Driver

712-366-0503 ext. 7218 Email Nicolas Mendoza


Richard Mortensen

Van Driver

712-366-0503 Email Richard Mortensen


Catelyn Newman

School Psychologist

712-366-0503 Email Catelyn Newman
Kari Olson's photo

Kari Olson

Consultant, SDI Literacy

712-366-0503 ext. 3335 Email Kari Olson
Tami Pauley's photo

Tami Pauley

Director of Human Resources

712-366-0503 ext. 7230 Email Tami Pauley


Gary Paulsen

Van Driver

712-366-0503 Email Gary Paulsen
Linda Perdue's photo

Linda Perdue

Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary

712-366-0503 ext. 7202 Email Linda Perdue
Jason Plourde's photo

Jason Plourde

Executive Director of Universal Services and Supports

712-366-0503 ext. 6201 Email Jason Plourde
Carrie Powders's photo

Carrie Powders

Administrative Secretary

712-366-0503 ext. 6206 Email Carrie Powders
Andy Raczynski's photo

Andy Raczynski

System/Network Technician

712-366-0503 ext. 7219 Email Andy Raczynski
Tim Redd's photo

Tim Redd

Microcomputer/Network Specialist II

712-366-0503 ext. 3288 Email Tim Redd
Jamie Reid's photo

Jamie Reid

Supervisor of Operations

712-366-0503 ext. 7216 Email Jamie Reid
Andy Ruff's photo

Andy Ruff

Supervisor of Physical Therapy Services

712-366-0503 ext. 6223 Email Andy Ruff
Ron Russell's photo

Ron Russell

Director of Specialized Services and Supports

712-366-0503 ext. 4312 Email Ron Russell


Jodi Ryan

Interim Executive Director of Business and Finance

712-366-0503 ext. 7211 Email Jodi Ryan
Steve Schwiesow's photo

Steve Schwiesow

School Psychologist

712-366-0503 ext. 7265 Email Steve Schwiesow
Jonathan Skarin's photo

Jonathan Skarin

Microcomputer/Network Specialist II

712-366-0503 ext. 6232 Email Jonathan Skarin
Lexi Stebral's photo

Lexi Stebral

Receptionist/Human Resources Assistant

712-366-0503 ext. 7223 Email Lexi Stebral
Julie Stessman's photo

Julie Stessman

Supervisor of Physical Therapy Services

712-366-0503 ext. 6222 Email Julie Stessman
Nancy Sudmann's photo

Nancy Sudmann

Instructional Materials Assistant II

712-366-0503 ext. 7221 Email Nancy Sudmann
Susan Wheeler's photo

Susan Wheeler

Accounting Associate

712-366-0503 ext. 7229 Email Susan Wheeler
Sandy Williams's photo

Sandy Williams

Instructional Materials Assistant II

712-366-0503 ext. 7228 Email Sandy Williams
Kim Wise's photo

Kim Wise

Consultant, Science

712-366-0503 ext. 7204 Email Kim Wise
Denise Young's photo

Denise Young

Consultant, Special Education

712-366-0503 ext. 7291 Email Denise Young