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Below are easy-to read instructions on how to access the online registration program as well as important information you need to know in order to register yourself in the system.

Please PRINT and READ the following directions
before using Online Registration for the first time.

Do Not 
use the Forward and Back buttons while browsing or registering for courses.  
Instead, use the on-screen navigation tools.

Select Log Off at the top of the screen and close your web browser when you leave the registration program.

In order to receive e-mail communication regarding the course in which you are enrolling in,
you MUST have a valid e-mail address in your user information

Those who have PREVIOUSLY taken ANY class/course through AEA 13 or AEA 14, will already have existing records in the system.
1.   Begin your session by logging on.  Select “My Account” to access the log on screen.
2.   You can log on to your account with the following information:
USER NAME: Your most recent user name (no spaces or punctuations)
PASSWORD: Your LAST name (capitalize the first letter e.g., Smith) (IF you have not previously changed your password in your user account).
1.      Please DO NOT create a new account if you have pre-existing records.
2.      PleaseSelect “Change your personal settings” and update your information (e.g., e-mail address, mailing address, telephone numbers, etc.).  You may change your password after you log on by selecting “Change your personal settings.”


Those who have NEVER taken classes/courses through AEA 13 or AEA 14.
1.  Follow the process to create a new account.            
2.  Select “My Account” and select “Click here to create a new account.”
3.  Follow the on screen directions to complete the required form.
USER NAME:  At least 6 characters of your choice (no spaces or punctuation)
PASSWORD:  At least 6 characters of your choice (do not use obvious choices)


Important Drake University Information
Effective Summer 2011

Drake University offers two types of courses through this Area Education Agency.  These courses may be used in the following ways:

  • Renewal of teaching certificates
  • Advancement on local salary schedules
  • Elective credits toward graduate degree programs

Are all credits applicable in these three ways?
Answer:  No.

The two types of course designations are EDMA and EDEX.  Both are eligible for renewal of teaching certificates and advancement on local salary schedules.  Graduate credit rules for these course types are as follows:


  • Courses that have a number starting with EDMA (Educational Masters) may be transferred into one or more Drake University School of Education graduate programs (with adviser approval).

  • Courses that have a number starting with EDEX (Educational Extension) may be applicable towards recertification or salary advancement. Refer to your state or local guidelines. These courses are not transferable into degree programs.


For information pertaining to certification or transfer of credit, it is important you check in advance with your university adviser or local/state guidelines as applicable.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact either Terry Thorpe at terry.thorpe@drake.edu or Chuck Sengstock at chuck.sengstock@drake.edu.


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